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Effective from: 18/05/2023 
Last updated: 17/03/2024

  1. General Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions

    Online casino bonuses & welcome offers are notoriously confusing and complicated. We truly believe in educating our players so that they fully understand the mechanics of a bonus and what is required to successfully withdraw it; the end goal for most users! 

    Within these conditions, we included definitions of the most commonly used terms, since it is important for us that you understand how our bonuses work before accepting or taking part in them.

    This document will outline the terms and conditions for deposit bonuses, bonus (free) spins and free bonus money credited to players (“You“) at Razed Casino (hereinafter referred to as “We“).

    1. Introduction

    1.1 These general bonus and promotion terms and conditions (“General Bonus and Promotion Terms“) cover the various bonuses and promotions offered by us to you from time to time (“Offers“). These General Bonus and Promotion Terms apply to you – and are binding on you – when you use Bonuses and/or participate in Promotions.

    1.2 Promotions and campaigns will also have specific terms and conditions applicable to them. We will make these clear to you within the relevant Promotions. Any Promotion-specific terms will form part of these General Bonus and Promotion Terms once accepted by you so it is very important that you read and understand both sets of terms.

    1.3 These General Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions and Promotion Terms must be read together with our general website Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy (“Other Terms”). Please make sure that you have read and understood the Other Terms and these General Casino Bonus and Promotion Terms before taking part in any Offers. In the case of any discrepancy or differences between these General Promotion Terms and the Other Terms, these General Promotion Terms will take priority.

    1.4 This Casino and all offers associated are strictly for players 18+ of age. 


    1. Definitions and Explanations of Casino Terms

    2.1 “Bonus Balance”- this is the money that you have been rewarded or winnings from the Bonus Spins that appear on your account. This money usually has restrictions on it and cannot be withdrawn without meeting certain criteria

    2.2 “Bonus & Free Spins” - Bonus & Free Spins are almost synonyms. Bonus Spins are given out as part of our bonus offers. All winnings from Bonus Spins get converted to the Bonus balance and, once used (played), have a wagering requirement of usually 40x. 

    2.3 ”Real Balance” - Balance that can be instantly withdrawn and sent to other players without wagering requirements. It is money that you deposited or balance that you won from your deposit. 

    2.4 “Return to Player (RTP)” - Describing the average percentage that is being won back by the players, calculated over billions of rounds. A 97% RTP means that for every 100$ wagered, 97$ is returned to the player. Therefore the Casino has a 3% house edge over the players.

    2.5 “House Edge” - Describing the inverse of RTP thus presenting the average percentage that is being kept by the casino, calculated over billions of rounds. A 3% House Edge means that for every 100$ wagered, 3$ is kept by the casino. Therefore the Casino has a 3% house edge over the players.

    1. Abuse

    3.1 We will not tolerate any abuse of the welcome package, bonus offers or general promotion system.

    3.2 If you get caught with misconduct, your bonus funds, including profits from bonus winnings, will be forfeited and all potentially registered accounts will be terminated.

    3.3 Do not register multiple accounts in order to bypass the restrictions. We reserve the right to only allow one Welcome Package per person (one offer per household address, IP, email address, telephone number, payment method) regardless of intent and value. We also reserve the right to refuse awarding the Welcome Package to certain accounts based on our own internal metrics.

    3.4 Do not abuse creative ways of eliminating or diminishing the effect of the wager requirements.

    3.5 Things that might be deemed abuse include, but are not limited to:

    • Using more than one Account or using third-party Account(s)

    • Evidence that an offer is being claimed or benefits the same person or group of persons, acting in an attempt to defraud us, is considered bonus abuse and any potential winnings generated from that offer will be canceled/confiscated

    • Opposite betting strategies in an attempt to eliminating wagering requirements

    1. Self-Exclusion, Account Restrictions & Termination

    4.1 We reserve the right to consider registered accounts for anyone from your family, household, relative, friend or otherwise connected person to be your second account and therefore decide that you have multiple accounts. In some cases, Razed Casino will require KYC documents for all of the involved identities in order for the accounts to be unlocked.

    4.2 Failure to cooperate with us or breaking any of the rules referred in Clause 3 of the General Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions can lead to full account termination, in line with our Privacy Policy.

    4.3 Players who are self-excluded from Razed Casino are not able to claim any rewards, participate in offers or claim prizes.

    1. Expiry

    5.1 Offers have specific expiry times attached to them. Unless specified differently, bonus balances have an expiry of 5 days from date of activation.

    5.2 Razed Casino reserves the right to withdraw offers, bonuses & prizes at any time without prior notice by removing the offer(s) from the Website so it is no longer available. This will not affect players who have already opted in to the respected offer(s), made a deposit where applicable, or have already started wagering through the offer.

    1. RTP and Contributions towards Wagering Requirements

    6.1 The turnover contribution towards bonus wager requirement decreases based on the RTP of the games you're playing. For example - 

    Playing a game with 96.5% RTP or lower would contribute 100% of all turnover to beating the wager bonus. 

    Playing a game with 99.3% RTP would contribute only 20% of all turnover to beating the wager bonus. 

    Thus for each 0.1% of House Edge a game contains, 3.5% of turnover will contribute to wager requirements up until the maximum of 100%. 

    6.2 Playing in other game modes with Bonus balance is permitted, but it will not decrease the wager requirements.

    6.3 Playing on Sportsbook & Esports with Bonus balance is not allowed.

    6.4 Bets with Bonus balance do not generate affiliate revenue, VIP progression or any kind of rewards.