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Welcome to Razed.com's Referral Program!

To celebrate our launch, we are giving 30% referral commission for life for a limited time only! 

Referring friends has never been easier or more rewarding, allowing players to refer an unlimited number of friends through their unique referral link. The program is designed to incentivize existing players to invite their friends in joining the platform and the fun, while also earning rewards for themselves.

To participate in the program, players must share their referral link with their friends. Once a new player signs up for an account using that link, they will be automatically added to the referrer's referral section. From that point on, whenever the referred player places a bet on Razed.com whether it's a casino or sports bet, the referrer will earn a percentage of their turnover as a reward.

The calculation is as follows:

(Wagered Amount x House Edge) x 30% (Commission Rate) = Referral Earning.

There is no limit to the number of referrals they can make. This feature is especially beneficial for players who have a large network of friends and acquaintances who enjoy online gambling.

If you are an affiliate with outstanding reach, contact our friendly 24/7 support team. We may be able to offer a customized program, this could include higher commission.

Need more help?
Check out our handy guide: Referral Program | Razed Help Center